Your Job Survival Guide has generated an overwhelming flood of positive feedback and support. Below are some of the awards and recognition the Survival guide has received..



Greg's Interview on CBS 3 in Philadelphia  /   Watch Video
(January 9, 2009)

Interview with New York Post  /   Read
(October 13, 2008)

Job Survival Advice: Don't Fear the Whitewater  /   Read
(Knowledge @ Wharton)

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Thriving on Change  /   Read
(Wharton @ Work)


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The Voice of Business: How do You Survive Permanent Whitewater?  /  Listen

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Working the Eddies: Pace Yourself to Preserve Your Sanity  /  Read


Proteuslife, edition 4, 2009: Reviewed by Richard Dore  /  View pdf

Midwest Book Review  /  No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
(A solid reference for the career person, March 14, 2009 Oregon, WI)
"Change is good, but boy is it ever stressful. "Your Job Survival Guide: A Manual for Thriving in Change" is a guide to dealing with the chaotic nature of one's workplace during times of change. With key advice on keeping one's job and staying useful to assist that fact, taking the lead and controlling change instead of letting it control you, and so much more, the business wisdom within is invaluable to anyone who wants to be ready for whatever life is going to throw at their career. "Your Job Survival Guide" is a solid reference for the career person."


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Fluid Leadership in Chaotic Environments