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Fritz Steele, Ph.D.
Author of The Open Organization; co-author Workplace by Design and The Feel of the Workplace
"This is an extremely timely and appropriate guide for working in the increased uncertainty and ambiguity of our times. Its focus is work/career, but its message is about taking charge of your life, no matter what your age and stage… I particularly like the whitewater metaphor, since very few people would lose concentration while trying to get through scary rapids but we all do it while living and working in similar conditions that masquerade as business as usual."

"The examples and short cases create memorable stories which ring bells later on, which should be the case with any book of this kind. There are two kinds of readers who will profit from the book: those who need to understand our challenging world better and know it, and those who need to do the same but don’t yet know it; this book will help them make that leap."

Warren Bennis, Ph.D.
University Professor, University of Southern California - Co-author: - Judgment: How Great Leaders Make Winning Calls and Transparency: How Leaders Create a Culture of Candor
"The beauty of this book on top of its life-saving timeliness is its capacity to give the reader concrete steps to live the good life and enjoy it. The book made me understand that work can be more fun than fun."
Annie McKee, Ph.D.
Founder, the Teleos Leadership Institute and Coauthor of the best sellers Primal Leadership, Resonant Leadership, and most recently, a practical guide to developing and sustaining personal and professional effectiveness, Becoming a Resonant Leader

"Gregory Shea and Robert Gunther have written the book on how to navigate today's turbulent waters. Full of practical wisdom, research, insight, and humor, Your Job Survival Guide shows us how to navigate the whitewater of today’s changing business environment while thoroughly enjoying the journey. A great read!"
Michael Useem, Ph.D.
Professor of Management and Director of the Center for Leadership at the Wharton School, author, The Go Point: When It's Time to Decide

"If gentle currents carried careers in the past, whitewater is the medium today. For navigating the cauldrons of change, Gregory Shea and Robert Gunther draw upon wrenching work moments and rapid river kayaking to draw the map. Your Job Survival Guide is an indispensable companion for mastering the turbulence of our era."
Thomas Saporito, Ph.D.
Ph.D., President, RHR International Company

"Your Job Survival Guide is a provocative book that goes beyond theory. This book is not about avoiding the potholes of organizational life, it's about learning how to step in them and take responsibility for yourself. Shea and Gunther force us to look in the mirror and, in a very practical way, challenge us to behave differently. Quite frankly, the lessons go beyond the perils of our work life; the lessons are useful for day to day living."
Michael Rechtiene
President Animas Corporation, a Johnson & Johnson Co.

"In today’s world there is no such thing as steady state. Greg and Robert have put together a great owner’s manual for thriving in a world where change is the constant."
Patrick Firmenich
CEO, Firmenich

"Today's world requires us to continuously reinvent our company by adapting it to the evolving world. At the core of that process lies one's ability to efficiently manage necessary changes. Gregory Shea and Robert Gunther beautifully describe this important challenge and offer simple and concrete solutions to meet them. As a company that lives its fundamentals — 'people are our main asset' — I am recommending this book to all our executives and managers as a key tool to meet the future."
Thomas P. Gerrity
Joseph Aresty Professor of Management, and Dean Emeritus, the Wharton School

"It is no secret that continual change dominates most business life today. Most thinkers and writers addressing managing, leading, or surviving change, however, tend to focus on examples of one change after another, often complex and multiyear strategic change, but still bounded by the one story. Shea and Gunther take head-on the reality that we actually need to manage and lead in an environment of continuous, ongoing, major change. They then address the role of the protagonist in many simultaneous and overlapping change processes, which is the reality today. They offer wonderfully accessible experiential and practical observations and advice for you, the actor in these many stories. This is sound, practical, and readily applied advice. And it's also in a form that allows you to 'dip into' the book in different sections and take a few valuable insights to put into practice immediately — a truly wonderful addition to the practitioner's literature on leading change."
Elliot Sussman, M.D., MBA
CEO, Lehigh Valley Health Network

"Shea and Gunther's Your Job Survival Guide is an easy and important read, overflowing with pragmatic advice about your job in today's whitewater world. Using examples ranging from the routine to the spiritual, while sticking close to the metaphor of a memorable journey through turbulent waters, the authors engaged me from start to finish. This book is a great resource both for those individuals stuck in their daily routine as well as organizations who aspire to enhance their work groups."
Meg Jones
Executive VP & Chief Administrative Officer, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

"Your Job Survival Guide tackles head-on the realities of leadership in the 21st century through the playful lens of the whitewater navigator. The book provides both a comprehensive overview of the challenges that leaders face, but don't always acknowledge, and powerful solutions derived from real life experiences. Accessible and engaging!"
Steven Savage
Fan To Pro - The Blog of Professional Geekery

"I grabbed this book after getting my new job when it caught my eye at the bookstore. Having had a whirlwind layoff, series of interviews, and new job start, I felt it was time to take a look at something just like this. It turned out to be an excellent purchase."
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