Your real job today is change, both professionally and personally. We live in a paradoxical world, a world in which the one constant is change. Old mindsets and old skills not only don't work in this world, they can prove destructive. Your Job Survival Guide orients you to our era of non-stop, continual, and accelerating change. This book provides you a mindset and the skills necessary to thrive in this environment.

Other books focus on the broad, abstract principles of leading or surviving change. This book recognizes that your real job today is change and helps you get that job done in a crazy world…without driving yourself insane. You'll learn about pacing yourself, failing gracefully and recovering quickly, retaining optimism, resilience, and playfulness, protecting your career, leading loosely linked, ad hoc teams, setting your own course, prospering in an environment that demands more than ever and can deliver non-stop adventure in return.

Leverage the power of play
Bring optimism and resilience to your workplace and your life.

Learn to pace yourself, no matter what
Create "not to do" lists, take breaks, and be in but not of the chaos.

Build a "personal flotation device" for your career
Develop the mindset and skills to recover from inevitable setbacks.

Communicate above the roar
Learn how to communicate effectively amidst the turbulence.

Build and Lead high Performance ad hoc teams
Enhance your ability to make temporary teams succeed.


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